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Vijay Antony revealed the meaning of Anti Bikili in his film Pichaikkaran/ Bichagadu 2. He said, I meant to use the word bikili to describe those who are arrogant about their money and anti-bikili to describe others who oppose it.


Vijay Antony defines the term Bikili in a recent interview:

1. He claimed that poverty arose after the creation of currency. 

2. It fell into the hands of those who recognized its significance and potential. Some individuals even now remain hopelessly clueless about money. 

3. It is not bad to be wealthy, but with so much arrogance, he couldnt keep people as slaves. 

4. That is why I coined the term to put off them. 

5. I meant the wealthy haughty with the name Bikili, and their opponents Anti-bikili.



The hashtag #AntiBikili is popular on social media site.

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