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Mercedes Ron Culpa tuya (Your Fault) is a young adult romance story. The narrative follows Noah and Nick, two youths who, despite their differences, are drawn to each other.


1. Noah Carrington, a young woman who has always excelled at following rules, finds her life turned upside down when her parents divorce forces her to live with her new stepbrother, Nick.

2. While Noah is known for her straight-A grades and athletic achievements, Nick is rebellious and constantly finds himself in trouble.


3. Despite their differences, a strong attraction develops between them, creating sparks whenever they are together.

4. However, their relationship is deemed taboo due to their familial connection. Noah parents would strongly disapprove of her dating her stepbrother, and Nick is determined to keep his troubled past hidden.

5. As their love deepens, Noah and Nick must confront the challenges posed by their forbidden romance and confront the secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

6. Culpa Tuya is a gripping and emotional story that delves into themes of forbidden love, family secrets, revenge, redemption, and self-discovery.

7. It offers a realistic portrayal of young love, a suspenseful plot, and complex characters.

8. While the book has received praise for these aspects, it has also faced criticism.



Culpa tuya is a fantastic romantic novel that you should check out if you enjoy the genre.

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