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The song Hukum is catchy and positive, with a unique Tamil flavor. Lyrically, the song is about a man who is the boss and controls how things work. The music video for this song is modern and beautiful. The song has been very well received by listeners, and it has increased anticipation for the upcoming film Jailer.


Hukum Tiger Ka Hukum

Hukum Tiger Ka Hukum

Order Its Tiger Order

Order Its Tiger Order

Alappara Kelapparom Dhaa Paaru Da

Kalavaram Yeranguna Thaa... Paaaru Daa

Nelavaram Puriyidha Okkaruda

Thalaivaru Kalathule Superstaru Daa

Let us show respect to the altar, look over there!

There is a riot happening, take a look!

Stay quiet without knowing what is going on,

He will be a superstar forever.

Varamora Odachida Set Aanavan

Thalamora Kadakura Hit Aanavan

Eliyavan Manasula Fit Aanavan

Mudivula Jeichida Urithaanavan

He prefers being alone and that is sufficient.

He is skilled at creating things.

He puts an end to invasions

Nadakkura Nada Puyalam Iche

Mudi Odhukkura Style ah Iche

Kannavilla Ithu Real ah Iche

He created a unique walking style.

His hairstyle is striking.

Thala Mudhal Adi Vara

Thalaivaru Alappara

From head to toe, he exudes confidence.

He is the boss, without a doubt.

Thani Thala Pola Bail ah Iche

Ada Nooru ku Dail ah Iche

Sethukkura Edam Jail ah Iche

He is the lone warrior,

Someone mistakenly dialed 100 (emergency number),

What to Carve Its Jailer

Sera Mudhal Thera Vara

Thalaivaru Alapara

From the beginning to the end,

It is the boss office

Onn Alumba Paatthavan

Ungoppan Whistle ah Kaettavan

Onn Mavanum Peranum

Aatam Poda Veppavan

He seen your show-off,

He heard your father cheering,

Your son and grandson also Cheered for his songs

Ivan Perey Thooka Naalu Paeru

Pattatha Parika Nooru Paeru

Kutti Chevuttha Etti Paatha

Usura Kodukka Kodi Paeru

His name remains popularly crazy,

A hundred people would vie for his title,

If his picture were merely displayed on the wall,

There are millions of people who would sacrifice their lives for him.

Hukum Tiger Ka Hukum..

Order Its Tiger Order


Alappara Kelapparom

Thalaivaru Nerandharam

If we do that, we will be honored,

Boss is permanent.



Jailer is set to release on August 10th, 2023, offering an enthralling cinematic experience.