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The term KCPD, Konidela Chiranjeevi Pure Domination, is used by the Telugu mega star Chiranjeevi fans & followers. Chiranjeevi is a well-known Telugu actor and politician from the Konidela family. They are saying that the KCPD in the Godfather movie combines Megastar swag, acting, dance, and looks. On the other hand, in different context and situations, some people use the term KCPD in social media in a vulgar and slangy manner.


In comparison to the festival of Dussehra, the celebration of GodFather success is of the highest. Mega fans agree that Chiranjeevi redefined KCPD. They now know KCPD to be Konidela Chiranjeevi Pure Domination.


Fans of social media have flooded Telugu meme pages with various definitions of the KCPD.