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The Serbian phrase moje more translates to my sea/ my nightmare in English. It is often used as an affectionate term to refer to a loved one, particularly a woman. It conveys affection and can be translated as my love, or my sweetheart. It is a way to show your sincere love and affection for someone unique.


Moje More is a heartbreaking Serbian ballad about a lover gone away. To express how much they care, the singer uses an image of the sea, which is both beautiful and immense. They sing about how much they miss their sweetheart and how they won't be able to forget them.

Moje More Lyrics

Moje more, moje more,

Ti si moja jedina,

Volim te vise od sebe,

Ti si moja sjena.

Moje more, moje more,

Neka ne zna niko,

Da te volim ja,

Ti si moja rana,

Moje more, moje more,

Neka ne zna niko,

Da te volim ja.

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The song powerful melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a memorable listening experience.