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Sanatanam is a Sanskrit word that means something that lasts forever, like something that doesn't change with time. Sanatana Dharma refers to the guiding principles that help people live a good and meaningful life. These principles are for everyone, no matter their background or beliefs. They're like universal rules for being a good person and doing the right thing. Common responsibilities involve qualities like telling the truth, not causing harm to living creatures, being pure, showing kindness, being compassionate, having patience, showing self-control, being generous.


Sanatana dharma teaches us to establish our life dharma just as the natural creation establishes its own dharma.

For example:

1. The sun's purpose, or dharma, is to shine, while the moon's dharma is to reflect sunlight. 

2. Trees have the dharma of growth and providing shade, while flowers bloom to attract pollinators.

Likewise, each person should discover and fulfill their own unique dharma. Sanatana dharma emphasizes that by doing so, one not only contributes positively to the world but also progresses on the path toward moksha, or spiritual liberation.



Sanatana is a philosophical concept conveyed through divine spirituality for individuals to incorporate into their lives.